The smart phone epidemic has rapidly spread throughout our society. Smart phones have become a prominent feature in the everyday work and personal life of the general public, and this is on a constant up rise. This advance in society is due to new technology being developed, new apps being created and new ways people can integrate their phones within their life. 

When you apply a conscious effort to focus on the influence phones have created on our everyday routines, its overwhelming. So much more when you try to comprehend that the smart phone revolution did not begin until Mac world 2007, when Steve Jobs revealed the first iPhone.

In just 11 years the smart phones continue to evolve and dominate further areas of our lives. To try and reflect back on the times when the majority of humanity was not in possession of their own mobile device sounds alien to most of us now. 

Something so integrated into our society, something that has been imbedded into the hands of us all surely has some rather shocking statistics, which might even surprise veterans of the industry. 

So, after some heavy digging, here are some of the more intriguing statistics and facts that might give you an eye opener into how the smart phone has created a large impact on the world;  

The average smartphone user checks their device 47 times a day / 17,155 a year. (That’s a lot. Just remember …. you can check it 48 times a day and your crush still would not have replied to your text)

85% of smartphone users will check their device while speaking with friends and family. (but who can blame them? I’d choose the piano cat over them any day)

The average time spent on smartphones is 171 minutes a day (2hrs 51mins). (Yes, this includes all those times you’ve browsed for new jobs whilst on the toilet)

The average user spends 76 minutes a day (1hr 16mins) on the top 5 social media apps.  (That is probably 75 minutes you have spent stalking your ex’s new partner)

The average user will tap, swipe, click their phone 2,617 times a day (Though that’s probably doubled for the men who use Tinder)  

Top 10 Countries with Smartphone Usage

1 .Brazil, 2. China, 3. United States, 4. Italy, 5. Spain, 6. South Korea, 7. Canada, 8. United Kingdom, 9. Germany, 10.France   

In 2018, around 1.56 billion smartphones were sold worldwide. 

Taking into consideration that the current global population is around over 7.69 billion people, these statistics show approximately 20% of the world’s population purchased a new smart phone this year alone (2018)

In 2018, 52.2% of all website traffic worldwide was generated through mobile phones.

This is predicted to increase at a fast pace, especially with the adoption of 5G networks and the technology of the phones improving. The more they develop and become miniature computers, with the ability to carry out most tasks our laptops can do (and more), this will only increase further over time. 

The number of jobs that are directly related to the mobile industry has reached 14 million. 

The studies carried out to determine the collective use of smart phones within the work place show there are around 17 million jobs that are not solely based on the mobile industry, yet they also benefit from it. A major part of those are high-paying jobs.  

Overall, there have been 194 billion app downloads in 2018 worldwide.

The lion’s share of app downloads goes to mobile games. Nowadays almost all of the major video game studios/developers have a mobile games department as the demand for mobile games rises. 

The most popular smart phone brand in the world is Samsung. 

The South Korean company, Samsung, dominates around 20% of the smart phone market. Its closest competitors are Apple and Huawei. 

The global mobile ecosystem generated $1.1 trillion in 2018.  

In one instance some might consider these facts to be a daunting thing, to feel like the world is changing so much, but others may realise the benefits we have gained from these phones that previous generations could not have even fathomed.  These developments have improved many things like communication, efficiently and entertainment, and there is so much more waiting for us around the corner.

2019 will be a great year in smartphone history. 5G is just around the corner, and brands like Samsung, Huawei, and Xiaomi have released foldable smartphones. Nokia is back in the game, showing good results year after year with their new models. There are so many exciting things waiting to happen, and only unpredictable ways these will further impact our society and the way the world works. 

Thank you for reading, we hope this study has peaked your interested and enlightened you on the rapid affect that smart phones have on our society.

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